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Wholesale Account And Guidelines

Here is the lowdown!

Want to carry The Whiskey Wrangler product line?
We require that all sellers have a valid resale permit on file with us and operate a storefront, mobile boutique, and/or active retail website in order to purchase our products. We do not sell our line to FB only groups, buy in groups, or to individuals who do not have a resale license on file.
Opening Order Requirements: 
Minimum order of $200.00 within the first 30 days of account approval in order to be considered an active account.  And yes, mix and match those styles and colors! Variety is the spice of life!
Re-order Requirements: 
Minimum order of $100.00 for reorders 
Pre Selling: 
Integrity means a lot to us so we do not allow our products to be sold in buy in groups. If we discover you are selling shirts this way, your order will be canceled and you will lose ordering privileges. Valid accounts are allowed to pre-sell to their customers but know that you do so at your own risk. We can not be responsible for availability or delivery times unless you have made specific arrangements ahead of time.
Zip Code Protection:  

 We do offer zip code protection for STOREFRONTS if you order at least $500 every 90 days. This can be broken up throughout the quarter and does not have to be spent in one order(please see initial wholesale purchase requirements).  If the minimum is not met in the three-month time frame, please be aware that someone could take over your territory. We will attempt to notify you if someone is showing interest in your zip code and your minimum has not been met prior to releasing the zip code. All accounts that have been inactive for 3 months or more will be removed automatically and the area will become available to other retailers. You are welcome to reapply for an account again at any time. If you are putting our items in more than one store that is of course Fabulous! However, minimums must be met for each location in order to zip code protect all locations. We will note your account with this info. If you have specific questions concerning zip code protection, please contact us at

Hand-Distressed Product:

Please note that all of our hand-distressed and acid wash items can vary in coloring. No two items will be exactly alike and hues and shades can vary from piece to piece. 

Turnaround Time: 
Our current processing time is 3-4 weeks. Please keep in mind the that our products are handcrafted and perfection takes time.
Product Sourcing:
We are always looking for the best quality products to use in our merchandise. And, of course, supply and availability from our sources change on occasion. If we must change suppliers on an item you have on order we will notify you of that change prior to filling your order. We reserve the right to change suppliers on merchandise not yet ordered at any time and without notice.
Refunds/Order Cancellations: 
All sales are final once the order goes into production.
If there is a problem with your order please contact us at
Shipping: We ship via calculated rate based on your order total via USPS priority mail. All packages are insured for your protection. If you desire another shipping carrier, please contact us BEFORE placing your order to see if we can accommodate you. We reserve the right to update shipping rates at any time without notice.  Always FREE shipping on all orders over $1,000.00
We work incredibly hard to produce items that are truly one of kind. So we don't like copycats! Please be original. We actively pursue to the fullest extent of law copyright infringement. 


Please contact us for wholesale account setup and include a copy of your reseller permit with zip code and State in the message section along with boutique name, an active website and/or storefront information. Response time varies however we try to process requests within 24 hours.


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