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About The Whiskey Wrangler

Our Story
  • It all began when I was 12 years old; I became crazy-obsessed with Steven Tyler and his over the top wardrobe. I grabbed a pair of scissors and went to town on my favorite flared denim. Before I knew it, I was rockin' the coolest jeans with leopard panels and heavy distressing. I never really stopped after that.
  • I didn't own a sewing machine so everything was sewn by hand (oh the terror of hand sewing!!) My mother purchased my first sewing machine when I was 16. I turned my craft to upcycling concert tees and called my little hobby Reconstructed Threads.
  • My journey then continued at Indiana University where I studied apparel merchandising and fashion design. This is where I crossed paths with my favorite mentor Margaret Fette. She was instructing a textile course I was enrolled in and invited me to check out her tailoring and custom clothing shop. I fell in love with sewing even more and Margaret took me under her wing and taught me all the basics of alterations and custom sewing.
  • In 2009 I moved to Indianapolis and started my seven-year journey with Nordstrom as a seamstress. This was a wonderful experience and I have Nordstrom's notorious customer service values instilled in my blood.
  • In October of 2015, a handsome cowboy named Mark from Wyoming came into my life. We were engaged within a few months and before I knew it I was in a U-Haul moving 1200 miles from the only home I've ever known. We married in June of 2017 and it has been the best thing that has ever happened.
  • One day you're doing the 9-5 (cue Dolly!) the next you're living the dream with a supportive husband and nothing hold you back. Every day is filled with the most picturesque scenery that Wyoming has to offer...
  • Our little zoo adds excitement, too complete with horses, goats, cats, one chicken... and the best sidekicks any girl could ask for, Sprout + Bentley, my Brussels Griffons. Oh, and Nudie the cat who weaseled her way into the house!
  • Now that The Whiskey Wrangler is nicely settled in our western paradise I can focus on designing and producing unique items, each one personally handcrafted.
  • Thank you to everyone that has supported me along the way... I hope y'all are saddled up and ready for some super unique pieces from the heart of the Wild West!!!
xoxo, Amanda Urlacher


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